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Michigan Craft Beer Sticks

Venison Craft Beer Sticks w/ Jalapeno Cheese

Venison Craft Beer Sticks Regular

Venison Bloody-Mary Sticks

Venison Salami & Summer Sausage

Venison Salami

Venison Summer Sausage

• Venison Hunters Sticks

Venison Hot Sticks

• Venison Mild Sticks

Venison Teriyaki Sticks

• Venison Hot Cheese Sticks

• Venison Soft & Hard Jerky

Venison Soft Jerky Regular

Venison Soft Jerky Honey BBQ

Venison Soft Jerky Teriyaki

• Venison Soft Jerky Cherry Maple

• Venison Soft Jerky Death Valley

• Venison Hard Peppered Jerky

Venison "Jerky for the troops"

Products Continued

Venison Link & Bulk Sausages

Venison Deluxe Brats W/ Jalapeno Cheese Cooked

Venison Deluxe Brats Cooked

• Venison Regular Brats Cooked

• Venison Regular Brats Uncooked-Raw

• Venison Smoked Polish Sausage

Venison Italian Sausage Uncooked-Raw

• Venison Smoked Vienna Franks

Venison Smoked Breakfast Links W/ Jalapeno Cheese

Venison Smoked Breakfast Links Regular

Venison Breakfast Sausage Chubs Uncooked-Raw

Venison Itailian Sausage Chubs Uncooked-Raw

• Venison Steaks & Roasts

• Venison Tenderloin

Venison Loin

• Venison Top Round Steak-or Roast Desinued

• Venison Cubed Steak

Venison Rolled Roasts

Venison Smoked Ham

• Venison Burger-Trim-Boneless

Venison Burger 100% Michigan Whitetail Trim Ground

• Venison Boneless Trim NOT GROUND


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Sportsman Against Hunger / Jerky for the Troops


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• Military Discout - Jerky Worth Fighting For

"Taste of Home Reminds Troops We Care" by Beth Altena

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